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A bit nervous I was sharing the compartment with my Boss !!

In books it can be a matter of pride to tour with the company’s Head but in reality it is something that can drain every ounce of your self confidence and specially when you have to give a presentation for the company at your arrival.

Amassing everything in me I was just focusing on my presentation which was the major part of my work profile , a lot was discussed and prepared from past 2 months , like every other MBA student I have joined the company to enhance my work profile , though not very convinced with the theme of the company practically, I was just convincing myself to deal with it .

I was not enjoying the lightness of site that was created by my boss , just to ease out the situation.

At last , we arrived to the WARANGAL station. 

A place completely new to me , language alien enough to understand but the greeting I got from people from there was modest.

The day of Presentation …….

There were lot of presentations lined up following with the launching of our company’s new product range. I have 2 of my colleagues also who were joining me in my presentation in a pecking order but it was me who has to initiate the proceeding with my 1st presentation. The presentation that contains the zest of the company’s theme, something on which I have been convinced lot of time in our Green Room by our visionaries. “An impractical way of standing in the Corporate world” as in my view you cannot be a social worker and Entrepreneur for the same very field you are working in.

My Presentation ……WELLNESS BHARAT | Swasth Bharat Vikasit Bharat

As the name appears , I heard a rich source of high pitched sound generated from every single fist present in the auditorium. It exploded the energy inside me to a level that I actually start feeling positively, the presentation went off fluidly as I was just cherishing the joy and support people were showing in return. I had practiced it hell lot of time , somehow i was very much moved by the zest of WELLNESS BHARAT on societal level but this time while showing it to professionals and entrepreneurs and seeing the response from them , the whole of my theoretical knowledge of MBA went off. I started looking it on a completely new PARADIGM , and the moment I started concluding my presentation with the OATH of Mission statement. I personally started sensing myself as a WELLNESS ENTREPRENEUR that is #WeNtrepreneur.

My presentation followed up with the Scope in Wellness Industry , our Business Plan ….!!

Before getting ahead I wanted to let you know that Wellness Bharat movement is an initiative run  by HERBALAGE Wellness Group . Herbalage is in the field of preventive health care from last 7 years, based on hardcore ethical and purest form of Ayurvedic principles, we often define ourselves as  INSPIRED BY NATURE AND DEVELOPED BY SCIENCE.

Testimony We Received ……

I started developing a sense of belonging with the movement and this event made it more concrete in me , it was a real experience shared by a lady named Mumtaz , a patient of ACUTE ASTHMA by birth. She told us that it was since her birth that she was experiencing the asthma attacks regularly and frequently , whether it is a climate shift or polluted air.

“But with rolling tears in her eyes she acknowledged that it was “BREATHOLAX” a product of Herbalage that helped her and after consuming it only for 2 months , now she feel free from that problem .”

Things like such change your perspective and dealing with a Wellness Company these are something that enrich its existence, I was very much moved with the blessings she gave to the company and to the man behind it , that is our BOSS !! Mohammad Aqeel Syed .

Launching and Wrapping Up…..

It was the time to unwrap the clandestine…to showcase some new lifestyle preventive health tools … it was the time to launch our new range of world class wellness series , a set of 12 new products .

And for doing the honor we have called our Boss , Mohammad Aqeel Syed  and the team of WeNtrepreneurs from Warangal leading by Mr. Venu Gopal Reddy. Mr. Venu was the person who had organized the event and had done immense work  in order to inject wellness in the society, a person who along with his family propagate wellness and they are that much into it that to my surprise his 3 years daughter knows  all the products of Herbalage and why they are used .

We have wrapped up with the things , everything went off perfectly , I was in love with that alien crowd , with their innocence , their attitude , their preventive health awareness and to the utmost I was in love with the hostility they have given to us .

I was a complete different professional by the time i again catched up my train , my boss who was earlier a boss to me has now become a visionary person , a person of substance and a person who earns and furnish others also in earning not only money but also respects and blessings .

JOIN WELLNESS BHARAT and become a part of a movement that will change one and all equally , economically & effectively.

Varsha Chandra


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