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World Health DayIndia a rapidly developing country. Although development is still taking place but the lifestyle that we follow is not lesser than any of the big developed western giants which somehow is carrying out to be more perilous than useful.
Developing India has three major sections of people 1. Farmers 2. Students 3. Working class
Though all the sections have got a contrasting age difference but the common thing that they follow is improper lifestyle.
On one hand where students in order to match the pace of their academic, competitive and social activities are getting entangled in the short cuts of everything whether it is food habit, personal hygiene, & sleeping etc.
On the other the senior and gen y age group. i.e., the working government officials & private sector employees are either taking their daily time table too much casually or stressing it out with unwanted glitches.
We have met many young age people who are loaded with lots of lifestyle related diseases like stress, diabetes, arthritis, immunity related issues etc.. And what we figured out is that there is a lack of awareness among them which is causing them leading to diseased life.
Presently the biggest threat which is affecting Allahabad is the food habits; and unhealthy eating which carry large but bad calories there is a large section of people who are heavily inclined on the intake of junk foods as the part of their meal because of it provides quick service facilities or as a justified reason of addictive personal favorites.
These facts backed by our surveys conducted across our country is that the big food giants are serving the good taste but unfortunately bad health.So, after identifying the root cause of this problem #Wellness Bharat Movement have build a platform for the general masses where we are going to teach and train our fellow citizens the method of healthy living. Where one can achieve not only healthy and fit body as well as mind. Make food safe is the theme of World Health Day 2015. This highlights the importance of making sure the food we eat is not contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, toxins and chemicals.

And to bring out the revolution in the Indian economy through disease prevention and wellness services #WE started a movement called Wellness Bharat, which will provide a common platform to the youth of India from where they will have an opportunity to learn about disease prevention so that they can help themselves, their dear ones and also they can teach the same to their fellow Indian. And becoming healthy and free from diseases is the first step towards becoming a developed Nation; we believe this at Wellness Bharat movement.

Wellness Bharat” is not just a movement but also a pledge taken by
Wellness entrepreneurs to build disease free, healthy and developed India.

And for this you all have to join hands, and be a Wellness Mover.
Just give a missed call 022 33 4 88 0 77 and be a part of #WELLNESS BHARAT

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