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Women’s Health:glow-health-skin-400x400 According to a Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study reported on in February 1999 approximately 43 percent of women suffer sexual inadequacy for one reason or another.
Decreased female libido is a common problem for women of all ages. Physical changes in the body that occur after pregnancy, or at menopause, including hormonal changes, can lead to low female libido.
Contrary to beliefs that problems surrounding female sexuality are psychological in nature, recent research has discovered that many forms of female sexual dysfunction often is the result of imbalance of complex bodily functions. Hormones are also responsible for female sex drive and libido. A weakened libido can result in difficulty becoming aroused and ultimately achieving climax or orgasm. In addition to this fatigue, stress, depression, and medication are just a few of the other possible factors that may interfere with sexual desire. Loss of libido can lead to difficulty in intimate relationships and contribute to marital problems.

What does Ayurveda says about Women’s health

Ayurveda approach is always holistic as it addresses the person as a whole. While eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise provides the foundation of good health for everyone, herbs and a regular lifestyle helps a women in increasing their libido.
Above all the mind/body system (consisting of three doshas) should be in “balance.” women
Diet should be wholesome and rich in phytoestrogens (By eating a varied diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dried beans you will be ingesting a rich phytoestrogen diet).
Health concerns such as hypothyroidism, low hormone levels have to be addressed. Emotional blocks related to yourself, your partner or your relationship should be evaluated.
Overweight conditions, lack of exercise and personal time, mental stress related to family or personal issues should be given a proper evaluation and addressed immediately.
Menopause should also be looked from a right frame of mind, as it is a natural progression in the stages of a woman.


It maintains the pitta( Agni) and the kapha (phelgum) in the body. Lodhra contains khashay ras (Astringent) due to this its formulations made from the bark are generally used to soothe the pitta and its ill effects in our body
• Lodhra is used to improve the women’s health
• Treats menorraghai (excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle), highly effective as it relaxes the uterine tissues and acts on the relaxed mucus membranes.
• Lodhra has proved to be very useful in diseases like leucorrhea (White discharge)
• helps to detoxify the blood
• Lodhra helps in maintain the shape of the body.
• it helps in making the body attractive and skin glow.
• Due to its grahi ( absorption enhancing) Sheeta (cooling) and Laghu (light) which itself is a unique combination which makes it very useful in reducing inflammation and heaviness in the body.

Shatavari is a word that implies ‘a woman who has a hundred husbands’ and the herb that goes by this name has traditionally been used as a female reproductive system nourishment.
• Strengthens female reproductive system.
• It has been used to deal with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause. It is also given to nursing mothers to increase secretion of breast milk.
Shatavari is perhaps best known as a female rejuvanitive. It is useful for infertility, decreased libido, threatened miscarriage, menopause, and leucorrhea and has the ability to balance pH in the cervical area.

Nutrilage Women

Total women care.nutrilage women

Nutrilage Women is tailored to help women lead healthy and balanced life. It designed to support women of all ages – from just a pre-teen to middle age.

  • Provides general nutrition needed to a female body and helps regulate menstrual cycle and ovulation process.
  • Helps balance and restore hormonal disorders including hypothalmo-pituitary-ovarian endocrine axis and manage routine stress on a female mind and body.
  • Helps manage PMS in pre-teens as well as in mature women.
  • Supports in menopausal syndrome in middle-aged women and help them overcome from emotional and mental problems.
  • Helps overcome from female genital related problems like leucorrhoea, fungal infection, vaginitis and other inappropriate discharge.
  • Tone up female organ, improves glow and luster and help attain an attractive women figure.

Xtrong Women

Women’s Health

Fertility, libido & menstruation management

Rich Source of natural anti-oxidant, vitamin C, E, B12. Enriched with Asparagus Racemosus.xtrong women

Key ingredients & their benefits:

  • It regulates ovarian process, menstruation and ovulation. Improves reproductive health, energy and endurance.
  • Being anti-oxidant improves energy, supplies energy needed to manage daily wear and tear to a female body.
  • Helps keep skin supple, glowing and shining, improves digestive system and also helps relieve dysmenorrheal in young women by expelling uterine debris.


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