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Grey-HairIt is normal to see an aged person with grey hair, but in the present times, even young men and women complain of grey hair. Premature graying of hair makes a person look much older than his/her age. Our hair follicles contain a pigment called melanin. When the body stops producing the pigments hair start becoming colorless, turning white. It is the combination of black and white hair, which gives the look of gray color to a person’s hair. Lack of nourishment and nutrition are the foremost reasons for premature graying of hair. In the following lines, we have listed the various causes and symptoms of premature graying of hair.

Premature graying of hair is a normal occurrence in people these days. It is characterized by fading out of hair, with the color draining from it. The condition can affect anyone, causing a young person to look much older than he/she actually is. The actual cause of premature graying is lack of oil gland production in the follicles of the scalp. In such a condition, hair looses the nutrition that it needs and starts turning gray. Diet also plays an important role in premature graying of the hair. Especially the deficiency of Vitamin B, copper, iron and iodine causes premature graying. At times, it also results from excessive worry and anxiety. However, the dullness of the hair can be removed easily, regaining the shine and radiance, by resorting to some natural remedies. In the following lines, we provide the best home remedies for premature graying of hair.

Causes of Premature Graying Of Hair

  • Chronic cold
  • Sinusitis
  • Faulty diet
  • Mental worries
  • Lack of vitamin B complex, iron, copper and iodine
  • Heredity factors
  • Dirty conditions of the scalp
  • Using electric dryers
  • Using concentrated hair dyes
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Washing hair with ward water
  • Chronic constipation
  • Anemia
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Illness and infectious diseases
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Toxic / heavy metal poisoning
  • Chemotherapy and radiation
  • Insufficient kidney energy
  • Vitiligo
  • Thyroid disease
  • Folic acid deficiency

Symptoms of Premature Graying Of Hair

  • Thinning of hair
  • Loss of hair color before the age of 35
  • Brittle hair
  • Headache (if grey hair is the result of sinus/ nutritional deficiency)

Home Remedy for Premature Graying Of Hair

  • One of the best home remedies for premature graying of hair comprises of curry leaves. Include them in your daily diet. Alternatively, you can put some curry leaves in coconut oil and boil it. Strain the oil and let it cool down. Apply it over the scalp.
  • Dry a few pieces of ribbed gourd in the sun. Soak them in coconut oil for about 3 to 4 hours. After this, boil it until the residue becomes black and cool it down a bit. Massage the scalp with the residue.
  • Extract juice from fresh leaves of amaranth vegetable. Apply this juice on the hair. It will prove helpful in retaining the black color of hair and also aid the growth of new hair.
  • Massage the scalp with butter made out of cow’s milk. This should be applied at least two times in a week.
  • Indian gooseberry is beneficial in treating premature graying of hair. Cut the fruit into pieces and dry them. Once dried, put them in coconut oil, until the solid matter becomes dusty or powdered. Apply on the hair.
  • Mix a tsp of Indian gooseberry juice with a tsp of almond oil and few drops of lime juice. Apply this mixture on your hair and keep it overnight. In the morning, wash the hair. This is an effective home remedy for treating premature graying of hair.
  • Avoid having refined flour and sugar, soft drinks, pastries, jam, too spicy food, hot food, chilies and oily food.
  • Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are effective in treating premature graying of hair.
  • Mix a liter of yoghurt with a tablespoon of yeast. Have a bowl of this mixture before every meal, as it is effective in treating premature graying.

Grey hairs and Ayurveda:

Increased intake of fried, sour, spicy, salty, and fermented foods, as well as tea and coffee, aggravate the Pitta Dosha in the body. This Pitta accumulates in the skin of the scalp, leading to hair falling out and graying prematurely. Factors like excessive anger and stress are also responsible. Excessive consumption of alcohol and meat also aggravate Pitta.

How to Prevent Grey Hair and Loss of Hair through Ayurveda.

  1. Take treatment for cold:Don’t let kaphaaccumulate in your head. People who suffer perpetually from cold are more susceptible to get grey hair at an early age. Do not take a persisting common cold lightly. Seek treatment.
  2. Take treatment for sinusitis:Do not neglectsinusitis. It has adverse effect on hair.
  3. Good Digestion:Make sure that your digestive system functions well, your liver is healthy and you do not suffer from other gastric troubles. Sluggish liver and other digestive problems promote hair loss and turn the hair grey.
  4. Head Massage:Regular care and an ayurvedic massage of the head is essential to revitalize the scalp.
  5. Apply Essential Oils:Bhringaraaja referred to as keshrajaor ‘king of the hair’ is an excellent rejuvenator. It also promotes hair growth and makes it black and lustrous. It is the best known herb to effectively stop and reverse balding and premature graying. It cools the brain and helps calm the mind from excessive activity, thus promoting sound sleep. Bhringaraaja is taken internally and used externally as Bhringraj oil.
  6. Eat Copper Rich Foods:Sometimes grey hair begins to appear due to lack of copper in your diet. Take a multi-vitamin daily as most of them contain copper. Foods that are rich in copper are turnip greens, lima beans, yams, spinach, and most meats. Copper is also found in blackberries, pineapple pomegranates, almonds and pumpkin seeds.

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