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Do you or someone you know, feels joint pain and progressive stiffness that develops gradually or painful swelling, inflammation, and stiffness in the fingers, arms, legs, and wrists occurring in the same joints on both sides of the body, especially upon awakening. The you or that person might be suffering from the arthritis symptoms.

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Ayurveda says that depending on a person’s lifestyle, diet and emotional pattern, either vata, pitta or kapha goes out of balance. Then that particular dosha slows down agni (digestive fire), resulting in the toxin, sticky by-product of inadequate digestion known as ama. Vata, the main active dosha, brings the ama into colon, and from there it travels through the system and lodges in the bone tissues and in the joints, giving rise to the stiffness and pain characteristic of arthritis.

Natural Home Remedies to Treat Arthritis

Many people have turned to Ayurveda and other natural remedies to treat arthritis. There are some simple natural remedies you can use which have shown promising results to improve arthritis. These are extremely helpful joint pains remedies which will give you a soothing treatment.

Cherries: Cherries are high in magnesium which is a natural pain killer and potassium which acts as a diuretic to reduce the inflammation. To get rid of the pain, you need to eat 6 to 8 cherries every day. They can be in any form like frozen, fresh or tinned. This is a popular Japanese technique used to treat arthritis for many centuries. The Japanese people boil the cherries and make sweet syrup from it for arthritis patients. This makes it a sweet treatment to relieve the pain.

Water Therapy: A much more pleasant and easy to access home remedy is the water therapy treatment. This remedy is followed by immersing the painful joint in warm water for an hour. The water temperature is to be maintained at 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit, the normal body temperature. A special tank also called as sensory deprivation tank will help you get the best results.

Dandelion Leaves: The best and effective method for treating arthritis is by using dandelion leaves. Dandelion leaves are high in vitamin A and C. The dandelion leaves need to be fresh and young, and can be used in salads. They will help the body to repair the damaged tissues by helping the liver clear toxins out of the blood. According to European herbalists the older leaves need to be steamed, as they are too tough to chew You can improve its taste by adding garlic or olive oil. One can also make dandelion tea and drink it. You need one teaspoon of dried leaves and 3 teaspoons of fresh leaves. Put them in boiling water, strain it and drink it.

Ginger: Ginger is also seen as an effective treatment for arthritis. It acts as a host for other ailments. Using ginger in daily food will help alleviate arthritis pain. You can use it in sauces, salads, rice or even soups.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera helps in reducing inflammation and pain that will promote healing. It gives a good boost to the immune system and also the energy levels. Aloe Vera provides the right agents to the body to restore and  repair it.

Camphor and Mustard Oil: This mixture will help to improve the blood circulation in the affected area. It is also effective to reduce the stiffness and inflammation of the joint. Follow the instructions below to use the remedy effectively.


  • 1 cup mustard oil
  • 10 grams camphor


Take one cup of mustard oil and add the camphor to it. Heat the oil till the camphor dissolves in it. Take this lukewarm oil and massage it in the affected area.

Potato Remedy: To reduce the pain and inflammation a cold glass of potato flavored water is what you need. Try this great remedy to eliminate this arthritic pain.


  •  5 Unpeeled potato slices
  • 1 glass cold water


Take the unpeeled potato slices and soak them in 1 glass of cold water overnight. You need to drink this water on an empty stomach every morning.

Green Gram and Garlic Cloves: To improve this condition you can also try this simple home remedy with a mixture of garlic cloves and green gram. The ingredients and procedure are given below.


  • 3 tbsp green gram
  • 2 crushed garlic cloves
  • 250 ml water


Take 3 tablespoons of green gram in a bowl. Soak it in 250 ml of water overnight to get sprouted gram. Add the crushed garlic cloves to the sprouted gram. Mix it well. Consume this two times a day. To make it more edible you can add pepper for taste.

Eucalyptus Oil: This is an old traditional home remedy for arthritis pain. You need to warm a small quantity of eucalyptus oil and apply a thin layer of it on the painful joint. Cover it with a plastic wrap to keep the oil on the joint. You need to keep applying heat to this joint again and again with a steaming towel. This relaxing pain relief routine will be really beneficial at bed time. It is the best remedy for maximum reduction of arthritis pain.

Celery: The best plant to treat arthritis is Celery. Celery seeds and the other parts of the plant contain more than 25 anti-inflammatory agents. This provides a huge amount of potassium. This is very essential because potassium deficiency leads to arthritic pain.

The other major herbal medicines used for the treatment of arthritis are pineapples, red pepper, wild cucumber, mustard plaster, oregano, pineapple, wild yam, turmeric, wintergreen and yucca. Herbal supplements are very powerful and can have a few side effects. There are many benefits of herbs and spices, but they need to be used carefully to get the best results. It is better to consult your doctor before using these remedies as you may be allergic to some of the things mentioned above.

The above home remedies are entirely natural and will definitely reduce the pain and inflammation in the joints. In case you want to take any medication for this problem, you definitely need to consult a doctor. Do take care of your joints and add a little bit of walking to your day. It is not safe to practice any kind of heavy physical activity.

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