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Punarnava is the ayurvedic herb presented by our Mother Nature. The Latin name of Punarnava is Boerhaavia diffusa and its English name is Spreading hogweed. It is extensively found in India. Punarnava is the word derived from two different words “punar”, which means “again” and “nava” means new”.

Punarnava is used in treating obesity, improving appetite, jaundice, and general fever, revitalizes the body systems. Almost all anti-obesity medications contain Punarnava as one of its ingredients. Hence is beneficial in treating obesity. It also helps to maintain effective kidney function.

1. it is useful in purifying the blood and also the gastric juices.
2. It is helpful to fight against joint pains and oedema.
3. It is the best herb for curing swellings in the body.
4. To energize the body and improve strength Punarnava is very much useful.
5. It helps treats several stomach disorders, particularly intestinal colic.
6. Helps promotes the removal of catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes. So it aids in asthma.
7. Several skin diseases can be cured by applying root paste of Punarnava.
8. Nervous weakness can be cured with the help of Punarnava herb.
9. Loss of muscles functioning like paralysis can also be treated with Punarnava.
10. Punarnava supports optimal weight management.
11. Punarnava promotes balanced fluid levels in the tissues and the aids in healthy flow of urine.

 Punarnava benefits for Kidney:
Punarnava has become a staple for healing and creating health especially for kidney patients. The herb helps to get rid of excess body fluids and at the same time prevents the formation of urinary stones. Just one month use of this ayurvedic herb can promote Kidney functioning better.

 Punarnava for Liver:
Punarnava is widely used to rejuvenate liver and detoxify it. If the body is attacked with any of the infection the first stressful part will be the liver. As a consequence, the person will become fatigued and lethargic. So at this initial stage it is advisable to use Punarnava, which helps to restore health, stamina and vitality. This herb can combat the disorders of liver like hepatitis, jaundice, iron deficiency anaemia, anorexia and sluggish liver. The healthy liver even aids in increasing the basic haemoglobin of an individual.

Punarnava for Diabetes:

Punarnava leaf extract is very much useful for diabetes. It significantly decreases glucose levels in blood and in turn increases plasma insulin levels.

Punarnava for Urinary tract infection: 

Punarnava works as a diuretic. The diuretic action of the herb is attributed to the presence of the xanthone beta-ecdysone. In addition, Punarnava also has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, which are beneficial in treating urinary tract disorders such as chronic and recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), including UTIs in pregnancy.

 Punarnava for Nephrotic syndrome:

The herb has been reported to increase serum protein levels and reduce urinary protein excretion in clinical trials in patients suffering with nephrotic syndrome. The activity is attributed to the presence of rotenoids in various parts of the plant. Punarnava also reduces edema associated with kidney dysfunction.

The wonder products developed by Herbalage Wellness to address whole body detoxification,  using above mentioned sacred ingredients:


Liver, kidneys & prostate care and Detoxification support.

A well researched formulation to help detoxify whole body by improving the functions of liver, kidneys and urinary tract. It also supports to regulate metabolism to help in obesity.

  • Helps rejuvenates fatty and sluggish liver to ignite detoxification.
  • Provides nutrition in urinary tract infection, renal failure, and liver apses etc.
  • Helps protect from drug, pollution and alcohol borne toxicity.
  • Also helps address kidney stone.

Detox K

Kidney’s Support Formuladetox k

Kidney Stones & Urinary Infection Management

 Key ingredients & their benefits:

  • Punarnava & kulthi helps rejuvenate kidneys and urinary tract.
  • Gokshura & Pashanbhed helps remove kidney’s stones.
  • Ishwarmool helps reduces the toxicity of kidneys as well as whole body.
  • Chandan is known for its anti microbial properties and helps strengthen kidneys.


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