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Are You Having Trouble Losing Weight Even With Proper Diet And Frequent Exercise!! See The Reason…

If you’re having trouble losing weight even with proper diet and frequent exercise, a hormone imbalance might be at the root of your problem. We’ve talked about a lot of different hormones on this blog but today I want to look at a hormone produced by both men and women, although women produce about one-tenth the amount that men do i.e. testosterone is one of the most potent of fat burning hormones.

Testosterone is steroidal hormone which is responsible for increased muscle mass, bone density, and body hair. Low testosterone levels in either men or women, can have negative effects on health such as depression, low sex drive, and obesity.

‘Low levels in both men and women are one reason why many people have trouble losing body fat, putting on muscle and just feeling as jazzed as they’d like to about life’

Function of testosterone in both women & men:
  • Increases libido and sex drive
  • Improves mood & reduce irritability, depression and anxiety.
  • Helps increase lean muscle mass and increase metabolism
  • Helps with weight loss by increasing energy levels and increasing muscle mass production
  • Increases and stabilizes energy levels
How does testosterone work in women to reducing weight?

Weight loss is frustrating no matter what your gender is, but women get the raw end of the deal for a lot of physiological reasons. One of those reasons is your hormones. A decrease in testosterone levels in women can lead to a loss of muscle mass.

‘Muscle mass burns more calories than fat and keeps the metabolism working well, so a decrease in muscle tissue could lead to additional weight gain.’

 Increasing testosterone levels and lowering estrogen levels can therefore help to reverse this loss of muscle. To reap the benefits of increased testosterone, estrogen levels must simultaneously be lowered. Women without enough testosterone in their systems have more trouble losing weight than those with the right balance.

Some author’s view about testosterone and obesity:

Ori Hofmekler, author of the “Anti-Estrogenic Diet,” asserts that “there is a direct correlation between elevated estrogen and disorders involving obesity.”

According to fitness trainer Kyle Battis, testosterone “plays an important part in the metabolism of fat as well. There is a higher predisposition to being overweight in men and women with a fluctuating or low testosterone level.”

Reference range

In general, the normal ranges of testosterone in men are as follows:

  • 270 to 1070 ng/dL total testosterone with an average of about 679 ng/dL.
  • 9 to 30 ng/dL free testosterone with an average of about 2 to 3% of total testosterone levels.

And in women:

  • 15 to 70 ng/dL total testosterone.
  • 3 to 1.9 ng/dL free testosterone (with the same average as men).

Testosterone is crucial for good health and happiness. One symptom of low testosterone doesn’t mean you have medically low testosterone. It doesn’t mean your testosterone levels will prevent you from losing weight. Following symptoms showing the low testosterone level in body:

  • Consistent or chronic fatigue despite getting plenty of sleep
  • Inconsistent sleep patterns and trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Decreased libido and reduced pleasure during sex
  • Mood swings, anxiety and/or depressions
  • Osteoporosis
  • Irregular periods or changes in the intensity of premenstrual symptoms
  • Thinning hair, or hair loss
How to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally ?

Diet and natural supplements often stimulate the natural hormonal secretion so that you don’t need to follow any extra treatment. I recommend:

  • Getting more sleep to help increase testosterone levels.
  • Optimize Diet: Follow a balanced diet which completes your RDA value. Avoid sugar and processed foods in favor of a higher fat & protein, whole foods diet with lots of fruit and veggies
  • Opt key nutrients: Besides cholesterol there are a number of minerals and other nutrients necessary for the body to produce testosterone and other key fat burning hormones. Vitamin d , magnesium & zinc are three that have been found to make a big difference in raising ‘t’ level.
  • Workout: Certain types of exercise are tremendously effective at raising testosterone and other fat burning hormones.
  • Supplement : Extremax is the combination of wonder herb Asphaltum(shilajit),tribulis terrestris(gokshura), Withania somnifera,chlorophytum tuberosum(musli) nourishes the sapta dhatu by providing nutrition to the rasa , agni and srotas which rejuvenates mind, tissues and body thus helps:-
  • Increase testosterone hormone
  • To balance & energized the whole body.
  • Reduce anxiety and provide mental calmness.
  • Improves vitality ratio.
  • Detoxify blood and prevent infection
  • Maintain protein balance in the body.
Deficiency of testosterone leads to:
  • Testosterone promotes muscle growth. At the same time, it may suppress fat gain.
  • As a result, some testosterone-deficient men tend to gain fat more easily than their healthy peers.
  • Muscles burn far more calories than fat tissue. Lack of muscle thus puts people at a higher risk of eating too much and storing the excess calories as fat.
  • In fact, some researchers believe that reduced muscle mass is the primary reason deficiency leads to weight gain in men
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