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Herbalage was incorporated to take lead in the predicted (Presently 3 Trillion US$ global) next TRILLION DOLLAR Wellness Industry (Then 200 Million US$ wellness, preventive health and anti-ageing Industry) in 2006, and commenced its business on December 27, 2007 by introducing world-class Herbal Dietary supplements range, mainly developed to export to USA by World’s oldest & largest Ayurveda R&D center, established in the holy city of Allahabad, near tri-holy rivers.

The Herbalage Wellness Company was co-founded by a Mr mohammad aqeel syed, a young Entrepreneur of science and business management background, who had acquired vast knowledge-base of the wellness Industry by self market research, study of the Ayurveda and other natural remedies and was also fortunate to be mentored by top Ayurveda Industrialist(s) and Guru(s) of Botanical Science from reputed University (ies) in the background.



Inspired by Nature-Made by Science™

Is the philosophy that Herbalage is founded upon and have been in practice of the same nearly for a decade. Being inspired by the sacred Ayurvedic texts and utilizing all the modern quality process, we have become accustomed of “Inspired by Nature-Made by Science Philosophy™” everywhere whatever we do.



A World with balanced wellbeing.


To enhance everyone’s Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual wellbeing

on planet earth through ancient holistic principles of wellness derived

from sacred Ayurvedic texts.

7 Timeless Core Values:


Commitment – to the World-class products and services, which can bring significant change in the society as well as in the lives of our employees, distributors and stakeholders, is our first priority. Customer satisfaction is our heart-connected commitment as whatever product we design we measure its success by the volume of happiness we receive from them.

Family-First – is proactively practiced in our organization. We strongly believe in an effective Work Life balance is the key of efficient performance.

Community – is the opportunity is one of our strongest beliefs. Whatever product and service we design we equally focus on benefitting our connected community as we focus on our customer satisfaction and earning profits out of it. We believe “Giving equals to Earning”.

Empowering –and inspiring co-workers and teams to a higher state of performance, speed, quality, completeness and ultimately competitiveness is a daily culture of us.

Ownership – is the sense and feeling what our employees, distributors, stakeholders and the customers have for the Company for the way we treat them.

Innovation – on existing products and services, continuous research, exploring new ideas, which can bring positive change in the world, is one of the most important daily practices of ours.

Racial &gender biases –­is treated as a sin at Herbalage and it is tried as unforgivable crime. All are the children of one common supreme power of the universe is our belief. And women are the most respected creatures made by God. We don’t say that every man should treat women as their siblings, rather we make it sure that they respect women as theyrespect their own mothers and sisters at home.

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