Quality, Efficacy and Process

We at Herbalage Wellness are committed to manufacture and supply best quality proprietary & patented Ayurvedic and herbal dietary supplements, multi-vitamins, protein and amino acid products as well as body, skin and hair wellness products of highest industry standard. The Plant(s)/ manufacturing facilities where all Herbalage products are being developed and manufactured maintains strict quality manufacturing norms; Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), International Standard Organization, AYUSH, Drug controller offices of concerned states et cetra.

One of the facility situated at the side of the Holy Narmada near Jabalpur city (MP), India specializes of blending high quality herbal extracts with handmade ingredients such as nano ingredients (Bhasmas) and then encapsulate them through state-of-the-art assembly lines which enable us follow our philosophy “Inspired by Nature-Made by Science Philosophy™” perfectly.

To maintain consistent quality & efficacy we follow nearly all International Quality manufacturing norms:

Raw material/ingredients disclosure

To maintain the consistency in quality and efficacy throughout the process we evaluate and maintain proper documentation right from procurement of raw materials to finishing the products.

Certificates of Analysis (CoA)

We ensure that our raw material vendor must furnish the related CoAs and the team of experts at partnering manufacturing facility (ies) has done thorough checking before placing the purchase order(s).

Independent Laboratory Analysis (ILA)

To ensure the highest quality standard we at times conduct ILAs to monitor for potential contaminants. 

Finished Product Testing (FPT)

To meet out our perfectionist style of product designing apart from CoA and ILA we conduct a thorough FPT to every finished Herbalage Wellness product once more checked and analyzed to confirm the highest quality, which we claim.

Certification & Approvals

Various Certifications and approvals have been duly and properly obtained by the facilities where all Herbalage products are being developed and manufactured;

  • GMP
  • International Standard Organization for quality manufacturing.
  • Ayush
  • Drug Controllers License
  • ISO 9001-2008 for quality services


Herbalage believes in pursuing “Head-to-toe process” while designing, developing and preparing for manufacturing any product. Right from the conception of the idea, basic design work, formulation, and graphic design to final development of the product – in-house team Herbalage does all.


Facilities are strategically located at various locations across India, such as:

  • Jabalpur (MP)
  • Allahabad (UP)
  • Gr Noida (UP )
  • Delhi-NCR


We at Herbalage believe in prompt services and practice same-day service (except Saturdays and public holidays). Our warehousing and shipping service are being managed by world-class logistic services from our various logistic partners such as; FedEx , DHLIndia Post SafEx and many other listed reliable handling &forwarding agencies.


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